If you live in Cite Soleil, your family is living on less than a dollar a day. Daily food and water are top priorities with school being unattainable, without outside help.There is no public school system in Haiti.

As we have built relationships the kids in Cite Soleil, we have discovered that many of the kids receive outside sponsorship through 6th grade. However, secondary education (grades 7-13) is scarce.

We further discovered that kids who are going to a school in Cite Soleil are not receiving adequate education. In order to graduate to the next grade level, passing a year-end exam is required. Many students are not passing due to teachers showing up on an average of 2-3 days per week. In short, they are not learning what is required to pass the exam and then are required to pay and repeat the same year of school.

Private school is very costly in the U.S., yet many of us enjoy that privilege without much sacrifice.