Meet our students from Cite Soleil, Haiti! We currently have over 50 students enrolled in school. Our students attend two different private schools, and one trade school (for our students that finishing secondary school). Thank you SO much for your continued support in helping these young adults pursue their dreams.

Students from Vision Moderne


Alex Saintilaire

Grade: 13th

Hobby: Basketball

Family: Jinette (mom), Hector (dad), 2 brothers, 2 sisters

Dream: Work at a company, help those in need, and teach basketball to kids. Soley Inc is helping me to achieve my dreams through education.


Annouce Azar

Grade: 10th

Hobby: Learning English

Family: Melanise (mom), Anold (dad), 2 brothers, 1 sister

Dream: To help Haiti out of the situation they are in by pursuing Civil Engineering



*Information coming soon


Fabienne Darius

Grade: 11th

Family: Yolene (mom), Iter (dad), 5 brothers, 3 sisters

Dream: To become a nurse through education with Soley Inc to help kids!


Mackenson Norilsaint

Grade: 11th

Hobby: Soccer

Family: Magarette (mom), Norilsaint (dad), 1 brother, 2 sisters

Dream: To pursue psychology


Michelene Gedeon

Year: 13th

Hobby: Dancing

Family: Mimose (mom), 3 brothers, 1 sister

Dream: Biggest dream is to have a big orphanage to help kids!


Natacha Jean Baptiste

Year: 13th

Family: Adilie (mother), Paul Jean (dad), 2 brothers, 3 sisters

Dream: Become a nurse and provide healthcare to the sick in Haiti


Peterson Pierre Louis

Year: 11th

Family: Derilia (mom), Jean Simon (dad), 4 brothers, 1 sister

Hobby: Basketball

Dream: Biggest dream is to become a GREAT doctor to help people in difficult situations

Richecarde Dervil

Year: 10th

Family: Magarette (mom), Fritzman (dad), 5 brothers, 3 sisters

Dream: To help those in need by pursuing engineering



Year: 8th

Family: Milose (mom), Sorel (dad), 2 brothers, 3 sisters

Hobby: Dancing

Dream: To study medicine, and become a leader in the future to help those in need


Tabitha Louis

Year: 10th

Family: Goldimyr (mom), Robenson (dad), 3 brothers, 4 sisters

Dream: Tabitha would love to become a nurse and have her own health clinic


Vanessa Altidor

Year: 10th

Family: Saphira (mom), James (dad), 6 brothers, 2 sisters

Dream: Vanessa would like to be a “prepared and educated citizen in order to be helpful to God and society” and ideally become a nurse!


Yrlande Robert

Year: 10th

Family: Mireille (mom), Joanne (dad), 4 brothers, 1 sister

Hobby: Studying

Dream: To pursue medicine or accounting, and learn English well!


Angy Gedeon

Year: 12th

Family: Mimose (mom), 2 brothers, 2 sisters

Hobby: Soccer

Dream: To study Agronomy to be able to help in the development of Haiti


Clifford Lorais

Year: 12th

Family: Claudette (mom), Cemerite (dad), 1 brother, 6 sisters

Hobby: Poetry, music

Dream: To become a lawyer after secondary school to fight for human rights and defend those who can’t defend themselves.


Esther Zius

Year: 12th

Family: Octameine (mom), Viles (dad), 2 brothers, 4 sisters

Dream: To become a nurse. After growing up in Cite Soleil Esther is passionate about bringing healthcare to her community.

Fabiola Meanace

Year: 11th

Family: Jeanne (mom), Junior (dad), 8 brothers, 12 sisters

Dream: To study agronomy and become a great leader in Haiti.

Dieunise Jean

Year: 11th

Family: Jeannette (mom), Unique (dad), 2 brothers, 2 sisters

Dream: To attend university, and find a job after that to help support his family


Marie Carmelle Sylvain

Year: 12th

Family: Marie (mom), Argent (dad), 4 brothers, 3 sisters

Hobby: Singing

Dream: To complete her education, and pursue medicine


Mohendyna EMILE

Year: 13th

Family: Johanna (mom), Isreal (dad), 4 brothers, 1 sister

Dream: To complete her education, and help her country!


Noel Bendjina

Year: 12th

Family: Aviana (mom), Sony (dad), 2 brothers, 4 sisters

Dream: to become a doctor so she can help those who are sick and cannot afford proper health care


Roseline Ismael

Year: 12th

Hobby: Going to church

Family: Rosebentha (mom), Joel (dad), 5 brothers, 1 sister

Dream: To be able to help my Country


Stevencia Dorasmey

*information coming soon


Wontha Luma

Year: 13th

Family: Senise (mom), Roberson (dad), 2 brothers, 1 sister

Dream: To become a great nurse, and succeed in providing great care for people in need


Andre Paul Thomas

Year: 12th

Hobby: Playing soccer

Family: Rosel (mom), Delimar (dad), 4 brothers, 2 sisters

Dream: To study medicine in order to cure sicknesses


Carlos Ismael

Year: 11th

Family: Rosberta (mom), Joel (dad), 1 brother, 1 sister

Dream: To become a great person in life and have an orphanage in order to help little kids on the streets

Chritchna Lafrance

Year: 11th

Hobby: reading, dancing, playing soccer

Dream: To become an airline stewardess, and pleasantly help all customers on an airplane

Dario Zius

Year: 13th

Hobby: Joking around

Family: Viles (dad), Octamene (mom), 1 brother, 3 sisters

Dream: To become and accountant, and support his parents

Fedson Jean Louis

Year: 12th

Hobby: Soccer

Family: Evelyne (mom), Marcel (dad) , 1 brother, 3 sisters

Dream: To become the CEO of a company